Timeshare Exit

In today’s economy many timeshare owners are finding that they are burdened by the financial commitments that are part and parcel of timeshare ownership.

Our law firms which create the transfer deeds, records and transfers title to your time share is dedicated to consumer protection. They have specialized in real estate matters for more than forty years with a concentration on timeshare law, their firm has a unique understanding of the pitfalls of timeshare ownership and what is essentially a non - existent secondary market of timeshare resales. 

We have heard countless stories from our clients’ about sales practices that involve a variety of enticements in order to make a timeshare sale.  Complimentary cruises, free vacations, gifts of

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designer luggage or the latest iPad.  And for this, each was asked to sit through an hour long presentation that turned in to an all-day sales pitch, filled with high pressure sales delivery while trapped in a small room.  The hard core sales delivery was followed by rapid-fire signings of mountains of “closing” documentation as the salesman explained very little of what each piece of paper contained. It is customary for us to hear from our clients’ an awakening of sorts when the reality of  the first bill comes in the mail. 

In addition to high pressure sales tactics,  we frequently hear the frustration in trying to book vacations, with peak rooms and times unavailable for years or there was simply not enough points to make the desired reservation.

We understand  that there is a very high probability that the timeshare developer is exposed legally in ways that are relatively straightforward and provable.  This is where the choice to hire experienced, competent counsel comes into play. 

 We have helped pioneer the field  of timeshare exit and cancellation. 



There are a number of avenues available to consumers interested in relief from the heavy burden a timeshare obligation can bring.    Your first attempt should always be to call your timeshare to see if they have a program available to you.  Should that fail, we have a group of experienced Timehsare experts best bet when it comes to Timeshare Exit.

Our staff with the knowledge of our law firms are experienced in this field can offer you protection from debt collectors and litigation.

When it comes to protection from debt collectors, our licensed attorney can provide the legal representation necessary to prohibit the harassing and incessant debt collection phone calls that are part of any debt cancellation work.  

 “…Unlike most time share exit companies, we consider ourselves counselors not sales people. We are not here to sell you anything! Just help you exit your timeshare.

If we can help you with your timeshare we would only be too happy to do so. That is our mission, to counsel and provide solutions for those burdened by the financial obligations related to timeshare ownership.“ 


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