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The founder of the firm, Mitchell Reed Sussman, was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York in 1973 he graduated from George Washington University with a Bachelor of Business Administration. He came to the west coast upon graduation from GW and in 1976 he graduated from Pepperdine University School of Law with Juris Doctorate.   

In the past four decades, he has practiced bankruptcy, real estate, business, and entertainment law in Beverly Hills, Newport Beach and Palm Springs, California since 1977. 

Specializing in debt relief, he has negotiated and overseen many millions of dollars of debt relief, including bankruptcy, loan modifications, and timeshare cancellation and exit.

Mitchell is a licensed real estate broker and former president of both the Orange County and Riverside County Bankruptcy sections and is a member of the California State Bar's litigation section. 

He has lectured on the subject of bankruptcy and foreclosure since the early 80's including as a bankruptcy panelist at the prestigious Benjamin Croker Symposium for the Real Property Section of the Los Angeles County Bar at the Beverly Hilton. 

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